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Why Are Standing Desks so Expensive?

Why Are Standing Desks so Expensive?

Electric motor or manual crank mechanism

Standing desks are known to be more expensive than your average desk, the main reason is because of the mechanisms needed to make them easily rise and fall.

Electric motors are not cheap on their own and therefore adding one to a large desk certainly increases the price. These motors are specially made to guarantee that the desk rises and falls as smoothly as possible.

Of course, this is an extremely important factor as you don’t want to have to move objects off and back on the desk whenever you need to adjust the height.

Manual crank mechanism desks tend to be slightly cheaper. Of course, they are more expensive than your average desk but because they lack the electric function, the price is slightly reduced.

If you need a standing desk but don’t want to pay the high price of an electric one, opt for a manual crank desk instead.

Higher build quality than the typical desk (especially the legs)

The build quality of the legs on a standing desk is completely different compared to the legs on a normal office desk. 

The reason the legs need to be better made is that they need to be able to keep the desk sturdy and stable when the height is being adjusted. 

Objects on the desk are often heavy and if these slightly move around, the legs need to warrant that the desk doesn’t completely topple over.

Increase in demand

Since 2020, many office staff all over the world have been working from home. This means that people went from having the ability to wander around the office, to being stuck in front of their desk 8 hours a day.

This has resulted in people suffering from general discomfort. During this time standing desks have become more and more popular.

People seem to reap benefits from standing desks and since working from home is continuing in most countries, the need for standing desks continues to increase too. 

Extra features

Many standing desks come with several extra features such as USB hubs, plug sockets, cable management and accompanying apps.

Most standing desks have USB hubs as they need to have an electric source to be able to function so offering USB hubs is appropriate. These can help you charge your phone, tablet or other devices, all from your desk. 

Cable management tools are a great way to help a desk stay organised. Because the height of standing desks change, the last thing you want is loose cables dangling around the back of your desk, especially if you are located in an office. 

Some standing desks tend to have tubes at the back where you can combine all of your cables together to create a safer and more efficient workspace.

Some high-end standing tables come with apps installed. These apps know when you are at the desk and working and notify you when you should stand and sit to help you reap benefits from the desk.

All of these functions increase the price of standing desks, USB hubs and cable management are more standard nowadays but if you want cable management and apps, be prepared to pay a higher price.


Most stores offer free shipping to office equipment, especially eCommerce stores. However, the shipping isn’t necessarily free as it may be already added to the price of the desk. 

Shipping of heavy and large goods is now more expensive than ever, especially if the desk is coming from outside of the U.K. 

Most couriers offer insured shipping when it comes to distributing such heavy and valuable pieces of equipment. If you decide to invest in a standing desk then it's advised to pay for the insured shipping so that you can be completely sure it arrives safe and sound.

The insured shipping depends on the cost, weight and size of the shipment, in this case, the desk. Standing desks are quite expensive, heavy and large, hence the high insurance prices.

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