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Wood Office Chairs

Here at Order Office Furniture, we know everything there is to know about wooden office desk chairs and how they can improve your office space. If you’re feeling unsure about how to find the right wood office chair for you, let us shed some valuable insight! Read on for more.

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Find the right wood office chair for you

Order Office Furniture stocks office chairs to the UK, including a range of premium wood office chairs. For wood office chairs that enhance the atmosphere and functionality of your workspace, look no further than Order Office Furniture.

The average person will spend around one-third of their life at work, which is a substantial amount of time! It would be fair to say that your office space should look good, feel comfortable and be well-designed as a result.

Finding the right wood office chair for you has never been simpler. We have several chair types available on-site, created from the finest wood in the UK. These are:

  • Leather office chairs

    A selection of our leather office chairs come complete with sturdy wood panelling that is attractive and high-quality. Wood accents can really uplift an office space and bring gravitas. You’ll notice this particularly with our executive-style desks and chairs. 

  • Chesterfield office chairs

    You might recognise a Chesterfield chair from the days of Sherlock Holmes, with their distinctive soft padding and wood panels. Fortunately, though, Chesterfield chairs aren’t just a thing of the past – they’re an on-trend seating style. Transform your office with our wooden Chesterfield office chairs.

  • Fabric office chairs

    We have several fabric office chairs available with wooden legs, or wooden panelling. If you’d like your office to be as comfortable as it is visually appealing, these fabric office chairs are the answer!

  • Traditional office chairs 

    If your office is in a historical building, and you’d like to keep that classic charm, executive office chairs are a timeless choice and come in a range of wood accents. Through Order Office Furniture, they come in many types of wood to suit your aesthetic.

Give your office a touch of class

Give your office a touch of class with one of Order Office Furniture’s several premium-standard chair styles, available in a fantastic range of different wood types, grains and colours. Check out some of these chairs, here:

Leather office chairs 

We have a wide range of plush leather office chairs available with refined wood finishes like walnut, as in this real Italian leather office chair, or our genuine hide high back executive chair.

Fabric office chairs 

As with the stylish oak & fabric reception room chair, an Order Office Furniture fabric chair can also boast elegant wood finishes that easily elevate the atmosphere of your workspace. 

Chesterfield office chairs 

One of our most popular brown leather Chesterfield office chairs has fine wood panelling that matches its old-school aesthetic perfectly! When combined together, leather, wood and the soft padding of a Chesterfield chair can have impressive impact in your office space.

Elevate your space

Wood furniture has been used for thousands of years as an elegant and finely-crafted addition to any property. Wood office chairs are no different and make an ideal choice to elevate your space. 

  • A warm aesthetic 

    Wood has a timeless and warm aesthetic. It can be used in various styles of furniture, traditional or modern, to great effect. And, because wood can be customised to complement your specific design preferences, it is greatly appealing!

  • Organic appeal

    Wood office chairs have an organic appeal that can’t be replicated in other materials. When used in interior design or architecture, it establishes a visual and emotional connection to the outdoors, bringing a touch of the natural world into our homes and workspaces. This connection can bring a sense of tranquillity and balance.

  • Leather & wood: a classic combination 

    Wood and leather isn’t only a classic combination that has worked great in countless office spaces, it embodies that regal, executive office style that will distinguish your workspace from all competitors! If you’re looking for your new wood office chair, consider choosing an executive leather office chair with fine wood finishes – like walnut arms! There’s no better way to elevate the look of your office, or how it is perceived by your clients.

Perfect pairings for a wooden desk chair 

A wooden desk chair is at its best with other homeware additions to accompany it. Fortunately, there are several accessories that would complement your wooden chair perfectly in your workspace. Explore some of these, here:

A wooden desk 

You could commit to the organic look of wood for your office, and choose a quality wooden walnut desk to complement your chair. Make sure you choose the same type of wood in the same colour – this maintains a cohesive and professional look for a commercial space.

An executive desk 

A good executive desk can speak a thousand words as to the integrity and professionalism of the person sitting behind it! At Order Office Furniture, we have several executive office desks for our customers to choose from, perfect for dedicated directors, executives and CEOs.

An electric desk 

Over time, we’ve come to understand just how important good office ergonomics are for your wellbeing. An electric desk from Order Office Furniture is the perfect addition to your wood office chair if you want to prioritise your health, and avoid any aches and pains in your neck! 

Finishing touches

If you want your office desk to feel like a home away from home – which it is! – consider adding some of these finishing touches:

Desk Organiser 

Keep your loose papers, books, notes and appointments in check with a bespoke desk organiser to fit in with your elegant executive desk, or suave wooden desk chair!

Small Plants 

It’s been proven that office plants help increase productivity at work, and so we highly recommend adding a small plant as a finishing touch to your office desk. You’ll feel replenished, more focused, and happier at work as a result!


If your desk is nestled away in a cubicle, consider using a corkboard for accessible note-taking and schedule-keeping! This ensures you’ll always be on time for your meetings. Hang it above one of Order Office Furniture’s contemporary designer office desks.

Breathe easy with Order Office Furniture’s insured delivery

At Order Office Furniture, we pride ourselves on our exceptional delivery services. Customers can expect free, insured delivery from us – with a little difference! We also offer an installation service alongside, so our customers can experience as convenient a delivery as possible. 

We know that when your wood office chairs arrive, you’ll surely want to use them right away! We can deliver items fully assembled so that, when the delivery driver knocks on the door, all you need to do is move the wood office chairs into place. Alternatively, if you’ve ordered chic wooden desks to complement your brand-new wood office chairs, we can set up these larger products on-site for you ourselves. 

Rest assured, if you need a helping hand, we’re always here to assist.

Need a helping hand? We’re here to assist

At Order Office Furniture, there’s nothing we love more than seeing office spaces furnished with our wide range of products! If you need assistance through your journey, we have you covered. Don’t hesitate to contact us today

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