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Electric office desks offer complete control over your desk height at the simple press of a button or push of a lever. Taking control of your working space has never been so easy. 

At Order Office Furniture we’re dedicated to bringing customers office desks that exceed all their expectations. With superior build quality and prices we think you’ll love, our electric office desks are a tempting choice. 

Would you like to speak to our friendly customer service team about our range of electric desks? Simply call 0800 055 6209.

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Why Opt for an Electric Desk?

The ability to vary your day between sitting and standing, rather than just sitting, offers a different way of working. One that many people are adopting en masse because of what it can offer. Let’s explore exactly what benefits they are reported to have: 

  • According to research, anything you can do to reduce sedentary sitting time can have a positive impact on the body, including improving cardiovascular health
  • Many people report that they find it refreshing to be able to change positions and it can positively improve productivity
  • Some scientific studies even find that using a sit stand desk can help reduce back, neck and shoulder pain 

Find a Style & Colour to Suit Your Space

At Order Office Furniture we’re here to help your office meet its full potential. That means we always try to offer as many colour options as possible, so you can find the perfect electric standing desk to compliment your office.  

  • Shop Dozens of Colours

    Want a light wood effect look to open up your space? 

    Choose a beech look sit stand desk

    Searching for a sleek-looking electric standing desk? 

    You might be interested in an elegant matte black electric desk.

    Here are some more of the colour options you could opt for from our range of electric sit stand desks:

    • White
    • Black
    • Oak 
    • Grey Oak
    • Walnut
    • White & Oak
  • Our Different Styles of Electric Desk

    We strive to source a variety of standing desks to give our customers wide options for functional desks with excellent build quality.

    Take a glimpse into the range of electric height adjustable desks that we supply below.

    • Electric Desks with Desk Tops - With an electric desk with an attached desk top you can enjoy an all-in-one desk solution. Often the desk top will match the frame colour or tone well with no need to find one.
    • Electric Desks without Desk Tops - Choose this style of electric desk to affix your own desktop to an electric frame. This gives you the option to choose your own desk top, and even switch it out if you move offices and change decor. Browse desk top options right here on the Order Office Furniture site.

    • Corner Sit Stand Desks - Need to fill a nook? We stock corner sit stand desks in a range of colours.
    • Accessories - Pick up spare remote controls for electric desk brands like Elev8.
  • Shop the Rest of Our Office Desk Range

    Looking for a simpler solution? We’ve got traditional office desks aplenty. Check out the full range we offer to see if there’s something that appeals to you. 

    Make sure you take a look at our home office desks if you need a reliable workspace for a home office. But don’t worry, we also have plenty of commercial office desks that you can order in large quantities if you need to kit out a larger office!  

Match your Electric Desk to a Plush New Office Chair

Complete your office renovation with a comfortable new desk chair. If you’re taking the time to improve your health with a sit stand electric desk you’re likely to want to pair it with a chair for your back health. Explore ergonomic office chairs that will help keep your posture healthy and support your back. 

Get Your New Electric Desk Home Safely with FREE Insured Delivery

We're proud to offer top-notch office furniture at fantastic prices, and we're always finding ways to give you the best value we can. That’s why most orders come with free insured delivery, meaning that if you order by 2 pm they could be with you the very next day.

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How long does delivery take?

Orders to the mainland United Kingdom will usually arrive the very next day if ordered early enough in the day. If not, expect them the following day.

Do electric desks use a lot of electricity?

While the electric motor can use up to 200W of electricity when operated, for the vast majority of the time the desk will be stationary and therefore in standby mode. This will only use a negligible amount of electricity. 

Why are electric desks so expensive

We understand that compared with traditional desks the price of an electric desk can seem high. We always do our best to outpace competitors and give our customers the best value possible. Learn more about the factors that affect the price of an electric desk here, where we answer the question: why are standing desks so expensive?