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Leather Office Chairs

The modern worker is sitting at their desk for an ever-increasing amount of time. So, it has never been more important to find an office chair that lets you produce your best work: the leather office chair is the perfect solution. 

The right chair sets you up for a productive day - it needs to offer maximum comfort, be durable for any situation and exude class and sophistication. A leather office chair fits the criteria and exceeds it. 

Here at Order Office Furniture, we offer a wide range of high-quality chairs, office desks and storage solutions, so you can find the right set-up for your home or office space. 

Whether you want a faux leather or real leather office chair, we have over 150 style options in a range of colours, such as:

  • Brown leather 
  • Black leather office chair
  • Cream leather
  • Grey leather office chair
  • White leather chair
  • And more!

Get in touch with our friendly team today to shop our fantastic range of leather office chairs.

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The Benefits of a Leather Office Chair

A poor desk chair affects your posture - leading to a whole host of aches and pains - and can also affect your work. You know you can't focus when all you can think about is how much your back aches!

A good leather office chair puts you in the right frame of mind to impress managers, senior leadership and even clients. It's worth the investment. This is just one of the benefits to a leather office chair.

  • Long-Lasting Luxury

    It's no secret that leather is one of the most durable materials. It is resistant to cracking, colour-loss, stains and sagging - so you'll know your chair will stand the test of time. The soft-feel leather will offer you comfort for years to come.

  • Style That Spans the Seasons

    Our wide variety of leather office chairs ensures that no matter which you choose, it will match your home or office decor perfectly. 

    We offer an array of colour options and the stylish stitching adds a certain level of sophistication to match the energy you bring to your business.

  • Promotes Professional Power

    We all know how important first impressions are and this style of chair denotes class, power and authority. The right chair can help you become the professional business decision maker we know you can be. 

  • Diminish Dirt and Dust

    Leather does not store dust, dirt or allergens, which makes it hypoallergenic. Therefore, a leather office chair is the perfect answer for people who suffer from allergies or are irritated by dust. 

  • Efficiently Ergonomic 

    An ergonomic office chair is worth its weight in gold. Having the right chair can prevent back ache which can lead to you being distracted and potentially having to take time off work.

    Our range of styles have been ergonomically designed with comfort in mind and some even have additional comfort features, such as:

    • Padded armrests
    • Soft leather
    • Cushioned seat
    • Adjustable seat height
    • Tilt functions
    • Lumbar supports
    • Angled headrest
  • black leather office chair
  • Find Your Perfect Leather Office Chair with Order Office Furniture

    You can easily purchase any of our leather office chairs online. Should you need help with installation, our friendly and professional team will happily help - even if your office is at the top of the building!

    If you have seen a great leather chair you would like, please contact our team here at Order Office Furniture via our online form or on 0800 055 6209.

Which Is Best: Faux or Real Leather Office Chairs? 

You’ll spend a lot of time in your office chair, so we understand choosing the right one is a big decision. You want it to be comfortable, durable and stylish but will faux leather deliver the same standard that you get with real leather?

Our range of faux leather office chairs are designed to offer the same high-quality standard as their true leather counterparts. 

Some people may decide to opt for faux leather office chairs for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Environmental reasons
  • Ethical beliefs
  • Affordable price

As well as these motivations, faux leather can be produced in a multitude of colours. Therefore, if your working environment has a specific colour scheme, you can easily find an office chair that will add the perfect finishing touch to your room. 

With many of the same benefits as a real leather office chair, a faux leather option could be the right choice of chair for you. 

To shop our wide range of real and faux leather office chairs, feel free to get in touch with our dedicated team today.


Are Leather Office Chairs Comfortable?

Leather chairs are known for their comfort, and our range of chairs are specifically designed with ergonomics in mind. For example, some options have a padded seat, knee tilt mechanisms and adjustable height. 

These features prioritise your comfort and let you focus on what really matters. 

How Do You Clean Leather Chairs?

Leather chairs - whether real leather or not - should be treated with care. We recommend using mild soap and water to clean your chair. 

You should also do this in a dabbing motion, rather than rubbing at the issue, as this can cause damage to the leather. 

How Long Do Leather Office Chairs Last?

When taken care of properly, a leather office chair can last for more than ten years! 

If you opt for a chair in a neutral colour, your chair will be able to match your aesthetic no matter how it evolves - saving you money in the long run. 

What Colours Can I Get for My Leather Chair?

Here at Order Office Furniture, we offer leather office chairs in a wide range of colours, such as:

  • Brown
  • Black 
  • Grey 
  • White
  • Cream

However, we also have more vibrant colours available if you would like a pop of colour for your space. For example, we have leather office chairs in blue, red and green.

Should I Go for a Faux or Real Leather Chair?

When deciding between a real or faux leather office chair, you should choose the right option for your lifestyle. There are numerous things to consider, such as:

  • Price range
  • Colour scheme
  • Desirable features

At Order Office Furniture, we have a variety of options that meet this criteria so you can find the perfect office chair for your space. 

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