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Meeting Tables

Meeting Tables

We have a great selection of boardroom tables available to choose from, so however large or small your meeting room, you’re sure to find a table to fit perfectly into the space when shopping online with Order Office Furniture. These tables come in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from the classic to the contemporary. You can find many shapes including rectangular and round tables. We stock both large and small meeting tables depending on what size you require, and they can be bought in different colours. So, no matter what look you are trying to achieve, we can supply a boardroom table which complements the décor and enhances your workspace.

The table you choose for your boardroom is a crucial part to impressing new and current clients. You can bet that the first thing they notice when walking in for the meeting is the table they are going to sit at. Our range of tables will help to reflect your company identity and style leaving a fantastic first impression from whoever enters the room.

However, the rest of your boardroom furniture should not be overlooked. For every stylish table, there has to be multiple chairs that match it. Order Office Furniture stock a range of office chairs as well as conference office chairs to match any table, making sure that the room is looking perfect for your meetings.

When buying the right table for your boardroom it is important not to solely focus on price at the risk of compromising quality. Many of our tables are manufactured using the finest timbers possible to give them a strong but stylish finish. Buying a quality boardroom table means that the table will maintain its appearance for longer and will not fade, break or look worn over time. Cheaper tables tend to stain and fade because they are not as well protected or varnished, and even just cleaning them over time can make them lose their original appearance. Make sure your meeting room is clean and tidy for potential customers with this handy guide on how to clean your conference room.

Once you have bought your boardroom table, you can select a day for it to be delivered. There is free next day delivery or Saturday delivery for most of our products, including the meeting room tables. If you click here you can find our delivery information.

Do you require assistance with either choosing or buying your boardroom table? It can sometimes be difficult to know which table is best for you and how it fits into your current meeting room. Give our team a call on 0800 055 6209 and we would be happy to help.

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