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White Office Desks

White office desks are an ever popular choice for a workspace, thought to create a bright and contemporary looking space. Evoking feelings of serenity, the light colour makes for the perfect environment to get work done from! 

Order Office Furniture offers a variety of white office desks for whatever working space you need to furnish. Choose from luxury white executive desks or even a stylish gloss white desk to add that extra layer of shine to your office. Whether you want a classic staple or a unique modern desk, we're equipped to bring your best work space to life.

Helping to promote natural light, a white office desk can open up your workspace while also opening up endless possibilities for how to furnish the rest of your office. They're ideal for brightening up otherwise dull working surroundings. 

Why Choose a White Office Desk for Your Space?

White is a fresh choice for your office, emphasising the importance of light and creating a chic environment for productivity. Even the most claustrophobic of office rooms can be completely transformed by selecting a white office desk.You can easily achieve an airy and distraction free zone by choosing a lighter tone for your desk.

In colour theory, the colour white is symbolic of purity, cleanliness and evokes a sense of calmness and concentration. A calm space can promote a calm mind and a more positive outlook towards work. 

While often being attributed to minimalism, our white office desks can also be a statement piece if you decide to select a more unique design. A fresh, modern look can be easily achieved by pairing a classic white desk with some of our more colourful and striking pieces of office furniture.

White's freshness can also be paired well with houseplants, to bring some life into your office space. As a colour, white can serve as a minimal backdrop for your desk essentials or be at the centre of attention with a more unique design. A white desk's flexibility is definitely something to embrace!

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What Our White Desks Have to Offer

At Order Office Furniture, you can choose from an array of desks that all offer something special. You can find a white office desk that’s perfect for you and all your office needs. Choose from: 

  • Contemporary white gloss
  • Unique white gloss 
  • White and grey stripe
  • Walnut and white
  • Gloss white and black glass
  • And many more!

As well as a variety of colours, we also offer a variety of styles for your white office desk including:

  • Glass Desks

    A glass desk with white accent features adds another layer of shine to your space. Choosing a glass desk means choosing a sleek work surface, with its transparency encouraging endless possibility and opportunity in your working world. 

    Both the colour white and glass can work together to brighten up your space, while also making your life just that little bit easier by being a material that's easy to clean.

  • Commercial Office Desks 

    Commercial office desks are a great option for your office and are available to buy in bulk to suit the needs of all your staff. White is the perfect choice for a commercial office desk, as it consistently proves popular with office based workers who feel the benefit of a clean, calm and cool atmosphere. 

    Our white commercial office desks come in all shapes and sizes that can aid the workflow of both you and your staff.

  • Executive Desks

    Executive desks are often at the centre of your room, proving popular with managers and company decision makers. With white symbolising organisation and cleanliness, an executive desk marks you out as a trusted worker with excellent organisational skills. 

    Let a white executive desk uplift your office space, creating an engaged mind and space that inspires a positive work ethic. 

  • Designer Office Desks

    A designer desk is built to last, and a white designer desk can help to upscale the modernity of your office space or even add another dimension to the aesthetic by being a stand-out piece. The durability of our designer desks can't be beaten, and whatever you pick, Order Office Furniture can be there to support you through the journey of your working life. 

    A designer desk's innovative design can set you apart by adding a touch of class and placing your personal stamp on a room. A space that harnesses your individual flare makes for a space that you and any of your colleagues can enjoy.

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What to Pair Our White Desks With

Due to the versatility of white, it's possible to pair it with almost anything that you desire, whether it be unconventional decor or an assortment of plants. We offer a range of products that would fit perfectly with white office desks, including:

  • Leather Office Chairs

    Resistant to colour fading, stains and damage, a leather office chair can be a great option for sitting at your white desk. These chairs evoke a sense of authority and order, positioning you as a person to trust and invest in if you're trying to impress clients. They make the perfect companion piece to an executive desk.

  • Office Pedestals 

    If you don't opt for a desk with storage or simply require additional storage for all your office essentials, then an office pedestal can fit nicely alongside a white office desk. An office pedestal can maximise empty space and turn it into storage potential, choosing from a wide range of colours that can either complement white or add some visual contrast. 

  • Executive Office Chairs

    Choose from low-key executive chairs that create a homely feel for your office space, or a statement executive chair that the white office desk allows to shine. Whether you want your chair to be the centrepiece or to let your desk standout, we have the right chair for you. 

Ready to Find Your Perfect White Desk? Get in Touch

With white office desks making a hub of productivity and calm minds, they are a must-have for your workspace. Their versatility is an asset you can take advantage of, allowing you to customise your office however you like. 

Choosing our white office desks means choosing unique, high-quality furniture delivered with top-notch service and the option for a helping hand with your installation process.

Get in touch with Order Office Furniture via our online form or by phoning 0800 055 6209, or even feel free to visit a showroom near you!