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What Should I Look for in a 2m Desk? What You Need

Are you considering getting a 2m desk? Well, you’ve come to the right place because, in this post, we’ll be revealing what you should be looking for in your desk.


The size of the desk depends on what you want to use your desk for. 

If you have several large computer screens, a printer, storage cabinets and more, opt for a wider desk. This way you would have 2m in length and around 1m in width. This is plenty of room to store your things and work comfortably. 

Having said that, if you don’t have a designated office space and need a desk that is more discrete then opt for a thinner desk, around 0.5m in width.

You can get ultra-thin desks today that are more discrete in the home or office. They blend nicely against the wall but still provide you with adequate amounts of storage, computer space and general workspace. 

Build quality

As 2m desks are large, you need to ensure that whatever desk you choose is of the highest quality. 

If you have lots of equipment to put on your desk, as we mentioned in the first section, then having a desk that is sturdy and strong is the most important factor. 

Ideally, look for a desk that is made from wood, this the strongest and most durable material that can withstand heavy weights. 

If you opt for a thinner, more discrete desk then glass could be an option. As well as being functional, easy to clean and durable, it also blends in with any background. 


Desks and exec desks come with all sorts of storage options and if you are looking for a lengthy 2m desk, it’s likely that you will need a lot of storage too.

Most 2m desks will have storage underneath, on the left and right hand side. These can be draws, cupboards or a combination of both.

Occasionally these storage options aren’t glued or stuck in any way to the desk and you then have the option to change them around as you wish, ideal for someone settling into a new working environment.

Is the desk tall enough?

An important factor is if your desk is tall enough. Aligning with this, you need to factor in what chair you will be using while working at this desk. 

These 2 pieces of equipment need to go hand in hand to ensure your working environment is as comfortable as possible.

When sitting at your desk, your knees should be at 90 degrees from the chair to the floor and your elbows should be at 90 degrees from the chair to the desk.

Health concerns are also something to consider when you think of desk height. If you have back, leg or hip problems then opting for a desk that can be adjusted could be the best choice for you. 

These desks easily move higher and lower enabling you to work at them while sitting but also enabling you to stand up and continue working when needed, without having to move anything off the desk. 

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