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How to Choose the Perfect Office Sofa

perfect office sofa

Megan Ritchie |

Is it time to find the perfect office sofa? No matter if you are a remote worker or an office owner, using office sofas to decorate your office can maximise productivity, efficiency, and simply improve overall aesthetics. 

However, there will no doubt be several types of office sofas for you to choose from, and determining which office sofa to buy can be tricky. 

So, how can you choose the perfect office sofa?

Things to Consider when Choosing a Sofa for Your Office

In terms of choosing the right sofa for your office, there are several things that you should consider. This includes the following:

Accommodating Room Size

The size of the room that you plan on adding an office sofa to plays a key role in the type of office sofa you should purchase. Think about the room layout and the ideal sofa position - will it fit where you want it, or would its inclusion mean you’d struggle to fit other essential items, such as your home office desk ?

Measure the room and the area where you want to place the sofa to identify the right dimensions to look for when choosing an office sofa. 

Maximising Space

Even if you have a small office, the right sofa can still be incorporated into the room, without making it look cluttered or overcrowded. With small offices, thinking about functionality is key. For example, some sofas also offer additional office storage or are multipurpose - such as a sofa bed.

Modular and sectional office beds also work well here as their size can often be tailored to suit the room. If a sofa in itself is simply too large, you could also consider and fabric arm chair or chaise sofa.

Avoid making the sofa the focal point of the office, instead, incorporate it to complement the room’s existing space and aesthetics. 

Ensuring Functionality and Flexibility

If you work from home, we recommend choosing a versatile sofa that offers functionality and flexibility. From sofa beds to modular sofas, an office sofa that can be adjusted according to your needs is a must-have. 

These types of sofas can be converted to the size that you need, allowing you to both work and relax comfortably whenever necessary. 

Finding the Right Sofa Colour and Style

The colour and style of your sofa are important - an office sofa should contribute to the room’s overall appearance. After all, colours can set the mood for your office space. 

From black office sofas for a professional and sleek look to bolder colours like yellow and orange for a bright and cheery atmosphere, choose carefully to create the right mood for your office. 

Types of Office Sofas Available

At Order Office Furniture , we supply a wide selection of office sofas, including:

  • Leather
  • Faux leather
  • Modern
  • Modular/sectional
  • Standard
  • Ergonomic
  • And more

Regardless of the style or aesthetic that you are opting for, you are bound to find the ideal office sofa within our collection. 

Which Sofa Is Best for Working?

If you are also looking to purchase an office sofa for working, it is important to consider the texture, firmness, and overall comfortability of the sofa. If you plan on sitting on the sofa to work, make sure to take regular breaks and short walks. 

The best type of sofa for working is ideally one that can provide back support. However, it is not recommended to work on the sofa (it’s likely to put more pressure on your back compared to an ergonomic office chair ), so, unless necessary, avoid working on the sofa for long durations! 

Office Sofa Fire Fire Safety Standards

Office sofas should be compliant with the UK Government’s fire safety standards . There are many hazards that can be found in offices, which is why it is crucial for office sofas to be compliant and tested against risks that could endanger others.

In particular, some sofas might need to be Crib 5 tested to ensure their compliance with fire safety standards. 

Does Office Furniture Need to Be Crib 5 Tested?

Not all office furniture will need to be Crib 5 tested - the type of sofas that need to be Crib 5 tested are those that are classed as a medium hazard , i.e, used in:

  • Casinos
  • Hotel bedrooms
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Bars/pubs

It is important to note that, while a sofa might not currently be Crib 5 rated, it can be upgraded to Crib 5 rated by changing the fabrics and materials to ensure that it complies with Crib 5 standards. 

Find the Perfect Sofa (with Insured Delivery Included)

For the perfect office sofas, Order Office Furniture has got you covered. With free insured delivery and a 30-day money back guarantee, you can rely on us for your office furniture needs. 

Our free delivery service is available for most UK mainland addresses, with deliveries to the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Channel Islands, Isle of Mann, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, subject to a small fee 

Enhance your office space with luxury leather office sofas today. For more information or for any further enquiries, please get in touch with our friendly team. 

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