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Best L Shaped Executive Desks for Your Home Office

Bankim Chandra |

Here are 7 of the best L shaped executive desks for your home office. We’ll be covering the benefits of each desk and who it’s for.

1. Senato DES-HGL-777


This unique 3-piece desk is ideal for the busy professional who needs a home office that sets them apart from the crowd. With a high gloss walnut finish at the front and contrasting polished white features, this desk will also blend well with a variety of interior colour palettes. Rounded chrome legs give a traditional piece a more modern feel. 

The user’s left side provides easy access to three security drawers, ideal for keeping confidential work items safe. The right has a medium-size cabinet with closed doors for additional storage and tidiness. 

This cabinet has rolling wheels which allows it to be stored either under the desk or at its edge, depending on worker preference. The top-side cable management feature allows the user to maintain a sleek look, even when using multiple electronic accessories. This desk also has the benefit of being customizable in size and is available in four different widths ranging from 1600mm – 2000mm. We recommend this desk for those looking for an optimal organisation system and a versatile look.

2. Walnut Real Wood

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This beautiful feature piece will bring a note of serious professionalism to any home office. Made from real walnut wood and engraved with clean lines, this desk embodies a classic office style.  

It features a front decoration of six black panels, adding a touch of modernity as well as additional versatility in matching pre-existing furniture. The writing pad adds both style and practicality for those that prefer to switch between desktop computers and traditional note taking. 

Two cable management ports and a pull-out keyboard tray make this desk highly compatible for computer work. The three left drawers include a lock and key for keeping any sensitive materials secured. 

The right-side features two cabinets and two drawers for optimal storage to assist the user in maintaining an organisational system that will benefit productivity. We recommend this walnut desk for the high-profile executive in need of making a good impression on clients and colleagues.

3. Corner Desk in Black Ash

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This sleek black desk with an L-shape is ideal for a multi-functional home office. Clean lines and a simple design make this a solid choice for the professional in need of a corner desk that can optimise office space. 

The desk includes top-side cable management to ensure a tidy look, even with multiple wires in use. The right side features a storage system with a large cabinet and two easy-pull drawers. 

Customers have the option to add a drawer pedestal that can fit nicely under the left side and can keep confidential materials secured. If even more storage space is needed, there is an additional credenza that is available which will allow professionals to keep organised with a beautiful matching set. 

Beyond having the option to add two additional pieces, the desk itself comes in three different widths so that the user can make sure they have the best size for their office space. For those either looking to furnish a whole office or just add an efficient workspace, this is of great value, customizable to your needs, with a clean, simple, modern style.  

4. Corner Desk in Ivory

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For those looking to brighten up a corner space and improve workplace productivity, we recommend this high-quality L-shape desk. The large open section towards the back corner is perfect for storing a computer tower or other large electronic appliances that are best kept nearby but out of sight. 

This section also includes a smaller slatted open shelf designed to hold any chargers or larger wires. The top-side cable management is intentionally placed in the corner, allowing the user to keep wires protected, hidden, and easily usable for electronics on either of the top spaces, whether it is a laptop, printer etc. 

A cabinet and two easy-pull drawers provide additional storage solutions. This desk is ideal for multitasking professionals that require using several technologies and maximising work efficiency. We recommend this for home office workers that are looking for a simple, clean desk that provides a productive workspace.

5. White Gloss Executive Office Desk

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This modern black and white desk uses a combination of angled and rounded edges to invoke a futuristic feel. For the professional that wants to give their office an edge, the polished white desk features a decorative black panel in the front centre which matches a black leather writing pad on top. 

Two separate cable management ports keep wires protected and organised, while also matching the other silver accents throughout the piece. A stylish pull-out keyboard pad adds to the technical compatibility of this desk and makes it beneficial for those users looking for an ergonomic setup.  

This desk has two optional attachments which allow the user to customise not only the main workspace but the whole office room. The first is a rolling file cabinet, with lock capability able to be placed under the desk for easy accessibility or elsewhere in the room. 

The second is a matching cabinet for storing larger items, which can be mounted to either side of the desk to maximise efficiency of the worker, depending on preference. Aesthetically pleasing and practically constructed, this desk is ideal for the busy professional who prioritises artistic design as much as work and technical capabilities.

6. Executive Desk Black with Grey Powder

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This durable, high-tech desk will maximise corner space, protect technology, and withstand heavy-duty work. For the high-level executive, the wood, leather, and steel materials demonstrate both the sturdiness of the workspace and the competence of the worker. 

The black wood is contrasted with a grey overlay, adding a touch of elegance to a serious piece. The closed cabinet in the back corner includes back ventilation specially designed to prevent computer towers or other large electronics from overheating in an enclosed space. 

The cable management port routes cable down into this area, keeping numerous wires protected and organised. The side pedestal includes adjustable open shelving and two secured drawers; this section can be mounted to either side of the desk depending on the user’s preference. 

This desk has optimal storage space in addition to high-tech storage solutions. We recommend this addition to the home office for serious-minded professionals who appreciate a synergistic design, clean lines, and contemporary style.

7. Executive Desk Teak


This classically designed teak desk will elevate any home office space, bringing warmth and efficiency. A beautiful wood contrasted with dark accents and pedestal gives this a contemporary feel. Clean geometric designs make this desk pleasing to the eye and compatible with a variety of already furnished office spaces. 

Top cable management keeps electronics organised, whether being used on the main desk or being stored on the side. Three drawers with lock capability allow you to keep work matters secured, while open shelves provide easily accessible storage options. 

There are two widths available, each large enough to allow a large office chair of your choice with comfortable legroom. For those looking for a custom look to match existing furniture, there are also various wood stains available, upon request. 

Ample storage space, cable management, a large workspace, and a classic style make this the perfect desk for a variety of offices and professionals. If you are looking for a productive and inviting workspace, we recommend this desk as the next addition to your home office. 

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