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Are Executive Chairs Good for Your Back?

Bankim Chandra |

Executive chairs typically have a tall back, allowing for greater back support and comfort. They’re well cushioned, allowing you to sit for long periods of time. However, executive chairs are not sold on comfort alone. 

Exec chairs convey authority as they stand out from the rest of the office chairs. They’re a luxury item which conveys authority and esteem. 

If you want a chair specifically for back pain, we have a variety of orthopaedic chairs available.

Our orthopaedic chairs are designed to give to the correct type of support for your back. The curvature of your spine is taken into the design. It makes sure you stay in the correct position and helps prevent you from slumping down. 

Orthopaedic chairs can help you temporarily relieve pain thanks to its seating adjustments.

Yes, executive chairs will help you stay comfortable whilst working but they are not specifically designed for health. If you want a specific chair for back pain, take a look at our orthopaedic category.

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