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7 Home Office Setup Ideas & Designs

Home Office Setup Design

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Free of distractions from co-workers and constant busy background noise, your home office is the one place where you are free to work without any interruption. And while a smart home office design with an executive office chair can increase efficiency and productivity, how you decorate this space is also important.

Below, we’ve compiled 7 home office setup ideas to use as inspiration for creating a unique space that allows for effective working from home but also reflects your professional journey to get to where you are today. 

Explore Home Office Setup Ideas to Customise Your Space

Alcoves & Under the Stairs

Alcoves in the home, including the space under the stairs, are great places to set up a home office. Making use of these previously untouched spots allows you to create a working environment that works with your current home design, without needing to upend your living space completely. 

Using height to your advantage is key to creating an under-stairs office nook. Consider using tall filing cabinets to utilise the highest point in your alcove and store all your office essentials. If you find that standard-sized office desk furniture doesn’t fit in your space, fitted office furniture can be customised to work with even the most awkward angles. 

Switch to Standing

Sitting down at your desk all day can increase the risk of developing long-term health problems, especially since humans are already living increasingly sedentary lifestyles in the modern age. Switching from an executive desk to a standing or electric office desk can not just mitigate the chances of back pain, but also help you re-energise and focus. 

With just the simple press of a button or push of a lever, you can control the height of your adjustable office desk, leaving you to find the right angle for the best posture and productivity. If you think your home office space looks a little bare without a chair, why not add an office sofa to take time out between meetings?

Hide Your Wires

Whether you’re working with just a laptop and a monitor, or you are using several other pieces of technology in your day-to-day, hiding your wires with cable management is important to creating a tidy and stress-free space where you can do your best work. 

Take control of the technology in your home office by:

  • Going wireless with a wireless router, wireless printer and wireless mouse.
  • Attaching visible wires down along a desk leg or to the underside of the furniture.
  • Using a simple cord tamer to gather loose wires trailing your floor.

Minimalist Working

Keep distractions to a minimum with some minimalist home office setup ideas. By stripping your home working space back to the essentials, you can create a serene environment which lets you concentrate on your tasks - even with the busiest of schedules. For many individuals who work from home, a minimalist working setup is one of the most common home office design ideas.

Keep furniture simple with budget office chairs and cheap office desks; sleek designs with built-in storage are great for maintaining a clutter-free workspace. Similarly, smart storage solutions like shelves, office cupboards and drawers can help keep things tidy. We also recommend choosing a neutral colour scheme to invoke a calming atmosphere. White office desks, for example, can be used to transform even the most claustrophobic of home offices.

Zone with Paint

Your office doesn’t have to be somewhere that’s totally separate from the rest of your home. Instead, you can define a workspace in an open-plan area by using paint to create zones. Not only will this help demarcate your office from the rest of the room, but it will give the area its own unique identity. 

For those in the creative industry, yellow and orange can help spark ideas and improve energy levels. Meanwhile, strong blues are used to promote clear thought and softer blues are known for aiding concentration and calming the mind. A good all-around colour for zone blocking is soft green, which bridges stimulating warm and relaxed cool colours.

Get Creative in the Kitchen

There aren’t many other rooms in the house where creativity flows as much as in the kitchen. That’s why it makes sense to add a home working space or hidden home office desk to this space. Not to mention this room usually comes with larger walkways, plenty of storage and great ventilation.

One design route you could go down is a split-level worktop. Select a small area of your worktop to dedicate to home working, using levels to create distinct and separate zones. You could also hide your home office in your kitchen by creating a built-in alcove. Folding doors can then be added to close off this area when it is not in use. 

Personalise Your Space

The best part about creating a home office is that you get to decide exactly which pieces of furniture you wish to incorporate. For example, those in a director or executive role might opt for a more spacious luxury office desk, while a computer desk might be a great fit for someone who runs operations mainly through their PC.

Being able to customise your home office also extends to the style of your space, giving you creative freedom in your home office setup ideas. You could add wooden office chairs to match a running rustic interior theme, or simply choose a favourite piece of artwork to hang in your office. Personalising this space will not just make working from home more enjoyable, but it will help you create a space that’s truly your own.

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