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7 Best Real Oak Executive Desks | Small, Medium, Large

Buying a new desk for your office or workspace represents a significant long-term investment. So, getting the right one involves considering many factors such as style, comfort, durability, etc.

No other desk fits these criteria better than an Oak executive desk. Made with top-class materials to top-class standards, Oak desks offer premium quality that other materials just can’t match.

We offer a wide variety of Oak executive desks for you to choose from. In this guide, we’re going to show you just how many options are available to you and how you can pick the right one.

Let’s get started.

1. Oak Executive Office Desk with Pedestal

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Product highlights

  • Measurements: 2200mm x 1100mm x 760mm | 2400mm x 1200mm x 760mm
  • Medium Oak finish with metal legs and fittings
  • Extra-large roll top desk.
  • 2-drawer pedestal plus a side return for extra storage
  • Castor-mounted pedestal and side return for mobility

The Oak executive office desk is a magnificent L-shaped desk with a beautiful Oak veneer finish and metal fittings all around. This desk provides style and equal measures of comfort and functionality with all its features.

The base model of the Oak office desk measures 2200mm x 1100mm x 760mm. However, for those with smaller spaces, there are a variety of size options to choose from.

All this size isn't wasted. The Oak office desk features a pretty extensive roll-top desk that can comfortably contain multiple monitors while still leaving enough usable workspace.

Going below, we have more of the same with plenty of legroom shielded by a modesty panel. Yet, where this executive desk shines is in its storage options.

It comes with an integrated side return and a pedestal; both are mounted on castors to place them on either the right or left-hand side. As a plus, pedestal drawers are also lockable. 

Also nestled in the top is a Keyboard tray that can serve as another file storage cabinet in a pinch.

To further bolster its premium credentials, the Oak office desk finishes with several premium touches. These include a leatherette writing pad for easy working and two cable management ports for a streamlined, efficient workspace.

2. Small Light Oak

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Product highlights

  • Measurements: 1200mm x 600mm x 760mm | 1400mm x 700mm x 760mm
  • Light Oak veneer finish with metal accents
  • Compact yet solid build
  • Leatherette writing pad for smoother writing
  • Movable 3 drawer pedestal
  • Cable management ports for discreet wiring

Not everyone wants a large executive desk and that's okay. So, to cater to those with more modest tastes, we have the small light Oak executive desk in our lineup.

Measuring at 1200mm x 600mm x 760mm, the Light oak desk still retains that premium look and feel despite its smaller size. Its light Oak veneer finish with metal fittings makes it stand out whether it’s placed in a modern or traditional setting.

The light Oak desk is also designed for comfort and functionality. It has an integrated pedestal with three drawers that are thoughtfully placed just within your arm’s reach.

To make it even better, the pedestal is lockable and mobile. So, you can move it from point to point within the office safely and securely.

For excellent and safe organization, the desk also has a keyboard tray and two cable return holes. Using these, you can efficiently organize your desktop, freeing up space for you to work on the beautiful leatherette writing pad provided.

3. Oak Executive Desk With Leather Detailing

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Product highlights

  • Measurements: 2000-2200mm x 1000mm x 760mm
  • Light Oak veneer with black leather panelling
  • Movable 3-drawer pedestal and side return
  • Quality metal runners for efficient drawer operation
  • Edge-to-edge Leatherette writing pad

This exquisite Oak desk combines traditional desk design with a few modern touches to produce a splendid effect. Its stunning inlaid leather panels contrast beautifully with the Oak veneer giving it a gorgeous look.

At 2000 x 1000mm x 760mm, the Oak executive desk’s massive size backs up its traditional credentials. However, with its numerous modern touches and extensive storage options, this desk will fit seamlessly into any office.

Speaking of storage options, with the Oak executive desk, you get plenty with both a drawer pedestal and a side return. 

The movable pedestal features three drawers, with the top one being lockable. Furthermore, you have a drawer for larger files, a large cupboard and several storage shelves on the side return.

The executive Oak desk also prioritises a clean and efficient workspace. For example, we have two cable management portals for securely hiding electronic cables on the desktop. You also have a keyboard tray that you can use as extra storage space.

Finally, the finishing touch on the desk’s top is the end-to-end leatherette writing pad which provides an excellent skid-free work surface for the user.

4. Executive Light Oak Desk

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Product highlights

  • Measurements: 1800m x 900mm x 760mm
  • Solid Oak veneer with inlaid black leather panels
  • Movable 3-drawer pedestal and side return for storage
  • Metal runners with ball bearings for smooth drawer operation.
  • Wide leatherette writing pad 

The Executive light Oak desk is an extremely solid yet elegant desk built for both style and durability. While the stylish black panels give it an air of modernism, there is no mistaking the air of strength in its solid Oak build.

With its 1800m x 900mm x 760mm dimension, this Light Oak desk is larger than most desks on the market. As a result, it's pretty spacious on the top and bottom, with ample space for work on the top and sufficient legroom at the bottom.

This Oak desk offers plenty of storage options thanks to its side return and the pedestal. It has a total of six drawers and two cupboards combined.

And the best part is both the pedestal and the side return have castors. Thanks to them, you can move them and place them on either the left or right-hand side for your convenience.

The Light Oak desk also features two cable management ports and a keyboard tray to optimise your workspace further. You can adequately organise your electronics and wiring with them, freeing up space on the desk for work.

5. Light Oak With White

Product highlights

  • Measurements: 1400mm x 1600mm x 750mm | 1600mm x 1800mm x 750mm
  • Spartan, compact build
  • Lockable drawer and a cupboard for storage
  • Cable management port for efficient wiring

For some users, the best desk is one for getting the job done with no frills and no fuss. The Light Oak with white executive desk is just that.

This smart, minimalist desk projects an aura of competence with its understated design and should fit in seamlessly in any commercial environment.

Measuring at 1400mm x 1600mm x 750mm, the Light Oak with white is a compact desk. This makes it a natural fit for places where space is in short supply, and you need to maximise what's available.

With space at a premium, the Storage options on the Light oak with white are almost spartan. There is a single lockable drawer and a cupboard on the desk. Also, there’s an additional shelf just below the desk.

To make it even more efficient, the Light in white features a pathway for all your cables. So, you can efficiently run them down under where they are better hidden.

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