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7 Best Executive Desks With Storage

Bankim Chandra |

An excellent executive desk must bridge the gap between elegance and utility. It must be bold and stylish enough to serve as the office's centrepiece while providing a good measure of functionality and comfort.

At Order Office Furniture, we recognize the impact and value an excellent executive desk can have on the workspace. Therefore, to help you select the best one for your space, we've compiled this guide on some of the best executive desks with storage.

1. Luxury White Executive Office Desk

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Product highlights

  • Measurements: 2000mm x 950mm x 810mm
  • Elegant satin white finish with gold gilding.
  • Six pedestal drawers for ample storage
  • Modesty panel for privacy
  • Keyboard tray for better electronics management

Measuring 2000mm x 950mm x 810mm, the Luxury white desk is certainly not modest. Moreover, with its stately design and top-of-the-line trimmings, this luxury white executive desk is fit for a king.

While its stunning all-white design makes it a bold statement piece in your workspace, this desk still has a whole lot more impressive features. This desk has six different conveniently placed drawers for storage to utilize its large frame to the max.

It also features a top drawer that you can use for anything from additional storage to a keyboard tray for your PC. This desk is suitable for tall and short execs.

The finishing touch on the luxury white executive desk is the gold gilding on the edges and drawers to further reinforce its premium quality.

2. Walnut and White

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Product highlights

  • Measurements: 1400mm x 700mm x 760mm
  • Durable walnut finish with black trim
  • Conveniently placed right-hand side storage drawers
  • Cable management port for a clean workspace

The Walnut and White desk proves that there is still a measure of elegance in understated simplicity. Although not as fancy as other desks on this list, the Walnut and white is a favourite of minimalists everywhere.

The design of the Walnut and White desk is a simple Walnut finish with a black trim. Although, at the front of the desk, it has a stylish black leather chesterfield panel on a white background

At just 1400mm x 700mm x 760mm, the Walnut and White is smaller than most executive desks, but this size makes it fulfill its design purpose better. Its small compact design provides a cleaner, more efficient workspace for the busy bee, where everything needed is always within arm’s reach.

When it comes to storage, the Walnut and White desk displays its trademark minimalist efficiency yet again. It has both drawers placed within arm’s reach where you can access them without fuss.

To top this off, it also has a unique port for cable management to keep the desk clutter-free. With this, you can efficiently run your PC wires down into the storage space where they’re better hidden.

3. Walnut and Grey

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Product highlights

  • Measurements: 1800mm x 1800mm x 760mm
  • Sleek Walnut finish with grey trim
  • Expansive side return with multiple drawers and cupboards.
  • Two cable management ports for clean, efficient wiring
  • Hidden lockable drawer for confidential materials

The Walnut and grey is another premium executive desk that hits all its design points without skimping on its features in any way. With its highly durable walnut finish and the amount of storage it has built-in, this desk provides incredible value for its size.

This desk is quite broad, with its 1800mm x 1800mm x 760mm measurements. Most of this width can be attributed to the built-in side for storage.

Also, it comes with all its drawers situated on the left-hand (or right-hand depending on your preference) side return, providing lots of legroom for you.

Speaking of drawers, the Walnut and Grey executive desk crushes it regarding storage options. Its built-in side return provides a hidden lockable drawer (for confidential materials), three different storage cupboards, etc.

Clean and efficient workflows aren't forgotten in the design of this masterpiece. The desk has two cable management ports, sitting on top of a cutout plinth in the side return.

Using this, you can set up your electronics and hide your wires perfectly, without sacrificing any legroom.

4. Executive Office Corner Desk

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Product highlights

  • Measurements: 1800 or 2000mm x 1400mm x 760mm
  • Sleek MFC all-black finish
  • Expandable storage options with matching pedestal drawers and credenza are available.
  • Built in cable management port

The executive office corner desk is an exquisite creation sporting a sleek, all-black design. Its stunning all-black exterior will be sure to fit seamlessly into any modern workspace.

The executive corner desk provides a compact and efficient workspace at its 2000mm x 1400mm x 760mm size. Moreover, its efficient design makes sure no extra space is wasted by utilizing every single available inch to integrate more storage options.

Execs buying this executive corner desk will never complain about limited storage options. The desk has a spacious side return for storing files, electronics, etc., also with a lockable drawer for confidential material.

For even more storage options, you can get an additional credenza and pedestal drawer just within arm's reach.

Amid all these storage options, it doesn't sacrifice efficiency and workflow one bit. The executive corner desk has a cable management port built into the side return for easy and clean connections to the electronics below.

5. Office Desk In Walnut


Product highlights

  • Measurements: 1600m x 700mm x 760mm
  • Premium walnut finish
  • Compact, solid build
  • Comfortable, non-slip writing pad

Built with small spaces in mind, the office desk still manages to capture that regal luxury with its premium walnut finish.

The home office won’t be winning any prize for size at its 1600m x 700mm x 760mm measurements. However, every inch of its compact build is well thought out.

This desk is designed to be as comfortable and functional as possible in small areas like home offices.

To reflect this, all its amenities and drawers are within easy reach of any user. In addition, it has a sliding keyboard tray to free up the tabletop. It has a specially designed writing pad on top, making writing on the desk pleasant and effortless.

The Offices desk’s compact size doesn’t diminish the storage options it offers one bit. It has three drawers (with a lockable top) and a storage cupboard for larger items.

To take advantage of the storage cupboard, we've installed two cable ports leading down into it. So, the cupboard can store electronic components like computer towers efficiently.

6. Mahogany GRA-UBA161

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  • Measurements: 1600m x 700mm x 760mm
  • Beautiful mahogany finish
  • Twin desktop ports and keyboard tray for efficient cable management
  • Lockable top drawer for confidential documents

The Mahogany executive desk is another solid option for the home office. It packs several top-notch features into its modest build and finishes off its look with a beautiful mahogany finish.

At 1600m x 700mm x 760mm, this desk is considered compact by industry standards. However, thanks to its design, it can turn that compactness into efficiency for its users.

For example, it offers three storage drawers and a cupboard, all within arm’s reach of the users for maximum comfort. No more getting up or straining to get the essentials; all you need is right there.

Also, the Mahogany GRA knocks it out of the park with several quality touches like the flush keyboard tray and the wide cable port leading to the storage cupboard. Using these, you can properly organize your workspace, leading to less clutter and a cleaner workspace.

Finally, the finishing touch is the lockable cupboard at the top for the more sensitive documents. So, when you leave your workspace, you can be sure all your confidential records are properly secured.

7. Corner Office Desk DES-802-20


Product highlights

  • Measurement: 2000mm x 1000mm x 760mm
  • Luxurious mahogany exterior finish
  • Multiple storage options on the pedestal drawer and the side return
  • The corner office desk is a perfect command centre for any business leader. It combines a premium, luxurious exterior and design with numerous storage options to take the top spot on this list.

Made to the best standards with a premium, stylish Mahogany finish, the executive corner desk is the perfect centrepiece for any office. Measuring in at 2000mm x 1000mm x 760mm, the desk is undoubtedly well-built for the role.

Although the desk is quite large, none of that space is wasted. With three drawers and two cupboards on its side return and two more cupboards on the pedestal, every inch of this desk is optimized to provide value to the user.

The quality touches don't end with the storage options. The executive corner office desk also has an integrated modesty panel, a keyboard tray, and a desktop port for taking care of stray wires. The desk also has lockable compartments for sensitive documents.

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