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6 Best Executive Office Chairs for Back Pain

Bankim Chandra |

Sitting for long hours in an office can bring its share of aches, especially if you're working without proper furniture.

To help ease your back pain, we’ve compiled some of the best executive office chairs for back pain around. 

Thanks to their orthopaedic design, these chairs will provide the back support you need to go through your workdays comfortable and pain-free.

1. Dynamic Ergo Click Plus Black Mesh (Top Pick)

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Top features:

  • Highly breathable Fabrimesh finish.
  • Split backrest design for better lumbar support.
  • Auto-adjusting lumbar support.
  • Adjustable headrest and Soft padded armrests.
  • Robust chrome wheelbases with 5 wheels for easy movement

The Dynamic Ergo Click plus combines an elegant design with revolutionary orthopaedic features to top this list. Its super Ergonomic build takes the strain off your lower back, head, and wrists to ensure you are always working in comfort.

One of the prime features of the Dynamic Ergo Click plus is its adjustable lumbar support. 

The chair's lumbar region automatically adjusts to fit your spine for better comfort, thanks to its split backrest design.

Even better, it also comes with adjustable headrests and arm pads to support both your head and wrists during work sessions. The seat is also adjustable, with a hydraulic gas system that can take it as high as 0.56m.

Covering all this is a breathable mesh fabric that ensures air circulates through the chair to stave off sweating, especially during prolonged sitting sessions.

Supporting everything is a high-quality chrome frame on wheels, connected to the seat with a synchronized tilt mechanism and a shock absorber. So, no matter what you need in your workspace, it’s always a smooth swivel and roll away.

2. Dynamic Zure Orthopaedic

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Top features:

  • Beautiful Monochrome finish
  • Wide, contoured seats with thick padding.
  • Adjustable padded armrests and backrest
  • Aluminium base with synchronized glide mechanism for easy movement.
  • Gas lift system for easy seat height adjustment

Utilizing a stunning Monochrome colourway, the Dynamic Zure proves that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. This is one chair that will do wonders not only for your back pain but also for your office's aesthetic. 

The Dynamic Zure provides a unique padded backrest that moulds itself to the shape of your spine to provide optimal comfort. Furthermore, you can also modify the backrest's height and depth to perfectly fit your back's shape.

Going down to the seat, we can see more of this excellent design at work. Mounted on a frictionless swivel, the wide, contoured padded seat provides a soft yet solid support to the hips and lower back.

Another unique feature of the Dynamic Zure is its adjustable arm supports. These armrests buck traditional design using a ratchet slide, giving the chair a modern look.

The Dynamic Zure has a solid aluminium base with casters holding everything up. These casters are equipped with a smooth glide mechanism, so it doesn't matter if you're on a rug or hardwood; the Dynamic Zure still moves well.

3. Dynamic Zure Elastomer

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Top features:

  • Bold orange and white design
  • Ultra-comfortable elastomer padding on the arm and backrests.
  • Wide contoured seats for better hip support.
  • Modern orthopaedic frame design.

The Dynamic Zure elastomer is a stunning orange executive chair with an innovative material selection. The Zure elastomer ditches traditional leather for elastomer padding to provide an incredible seating experience.

This elastomer padding covers the seats, armrests and backrest. So, you can rest assured you are getting premium comfort all through.

Speaking of premium comfort, the Dynamic Zure has an Ergonomic back and armrest designed to provide lower, upper back and wrist support. They are even adjustable to provide you with a comfortable custom fit.

This customizability extends down to the seats as the wide padded seats can be adjusted from 0.42m up to 0.52m to fit the user’s height.

All this perches on a rigid aluminium frame with synchronized glide casters for easy movement around the workspace. This strong frame can also support weights up to 150kg, making it a good option for a wide variety of users.

4. Dynamic Domino

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Top features:

  • Elegant all-black design.
  • Inflating bulb lumbar support.
  • Wide, comfortable seat with extra thick padding.
  • Pocket sprung seat for extra hip support.
  • Adjustable soft padded arms with pivotable hinges.

Are you looking for a more formal executive chair for the office? Don't worry; this next one's for you. Having a simple, svelte all-black design, the Dynamic Domino is the perfect chair for the conference room.

Built with long workdays and meetings in mind, the Dynamic Domino supports the hips, head and arms to stave off aches. More importantly, the Domino also comes with extra thick padding on the wide backrest and seat for maximum comfort.

Thanks to the smooth gas adjustment system, adjusting the Dynamic Domino’s height is a breeze. You can also recline the chair and tilt it back and forth.

However, the genuinely innovative touch lies in the addition of the inflatable bulb lumbar mechanism. Using this, you can inflate the lower backrest to take on the best shape for your spine.

You can also adjust the head and armrests according to your requirements. Additionally, the armrest features a pivoting system that enables it to swivel in and out.

5. High Quality Grey Mesh

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Top features:

  • Simple, minimalist design.
  • Breathable grey mesh finish.
  • Split backrest with auto-adjusting hinged lumbar support.
  • Height adjustable arm and headrests, with pivoting hinges.
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism for easy swivelling and reclining.

If you prefer minimalist office furniture, then the High-Quality Grey mesh executive chair is right up your alley. Despite its rather spartan design, the Grey Mesh chair still manages to incorporate an impressive array of top-notch orthopaedic features.

Using a special hinge, the grey mesh provides outstanding lumbar support that automatically adjusts to the user’s back. This greatly reduces any strain the user might experience after long periods of sitting down.

Another striking feature of the Grey Mesh is its adjustable head and armrests. With their unique design, you can not only adjust their heights, but you can also pivot both the armrest and the headrest from side to side.

This is a huge deal because it addresses neck and wrist pain. With the gas lift mechanism, you can easily set the seat's height to your preferred position. Furthermore, while reclining on the seat, you can rest assured that you're safe thanks to the Synchro-Tilt Mechanism, which locks the chair in place.

To tie this all together, the chair uses a grey mesh fabric. This fabric optimizes the airflow around the desk, warding off heat to reduce sweating during work.

6. High Tech Mesh Back Executive Chair

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Top features:

  • Beautiful dual material design.
  • Highly permeable mesh backrest.
  • Adjustable lower backrest for lumbar support.
  • Thickly padded yet breathable seat.
  • Padded, adjustable, head and armrests.

The High-tech Mesh back executive chair is one of the best chairs you’ll find in the lower-budget range. Its beautiful design and fantastic functionality make it stand head and shoulders above the others in its class.

The Mesh back uses an interesting combination of materials for its construction. We have padded leather on the seat and the armrest, while on the backrest, there's a mesh fabric.

This hybrid design helps make the chair's back breathable while maintaining proper support and comfort for the hips.

Providing excellent lumbar support, hidden within the mesh backrest is an adjustable lumbar section to fit the user's spine better.

The chair’s headrest is also adjustable in different directions to provide optimal neck support. The same goes with the seat, which has a gas lift system for adjusting it to various heights.

One particular underrated feature of this chair is its weight tension control. With this, you can control how much force is needed to recline the chair. 

Consequently, you can comfortably swivel and tilt the chair around safely and smoothly. 

The High Tech Mesh black chair is available in two beautiful blue and black colour variants

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