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Types of Office Chair: Complete Guide to Choosing The Right One

Types of Office Chairs

Jack Stewart |

Office chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture in any workplace. That’s why it is important to choose the right one for you. Not only do office chairs provide comfort for sitting down all day, but they can also impact productivity, posture, and overall health. 

Finding an office chair that suits you is extremely important. Different individuals have different requirements, which is why our types of office chairs come in a range of shapes, sizes and features. 

Here at Order Office Furniture, we are passionate about providing high-quality office furniture without breaking the bank. In this handy guide, we will go into detail about our extensive types of office chairs, including: 

  • Executive Office Chairs
  • Conference Chairs 
  • Budget Office Chairs 
  • Mesh Office Chairs
  • Leather Office Chairs 
  • Ergonomic Office Chairs 
  • Orthopaedic Office Chairs 
  • Fabric Office Chairs 
  • Office Operator Chairs
  • Wood Office Chairs 

  • We are bound to have an office chair that suits you. So put your feet up and relax as we delve into this handy guide! 


    Executive Office Chairs 

    If you are looking for a high-end office chair for your working space, then our executive office chairs are the perfect match. With their plush cushioning and premium leather upholstery, these chairs provide both comfort and sophistication. 

    Our executive office chairs offer a wide range of ergonomic features that adjust to your needs, preventing discomfort and pain after long hours of sitting. They are typically larger than other office chairs and have a high backrest for additional support. 

    Other features include padded armrests, lumbar support, and a tilt mechanism that allows you to recline. If you’re after comfort, this is the chair for you! 


    Conference Office Chairs 

    Our selection of conference chairs are a lot more sleek in looks but still extremely comfortable. Boasting a shaped back and padded armrest, this type of chair is modern-looking with built-in comfort. 

    Most of our conference chairs are easily stackable and sturdy, so they are essential for business environments where space is at a premium. Featuring a polished chrome finish, you can choose between PVC, fabric, or mesh coverings. 

    Typically lightweight and easy to move around, conference office chairs are known for their convenience and adaptability for meeting rooms and other important conferences. 


    Budget Office Chairs 

    All of our office chairs boast incredible prices, and we pride ourselves on making good quality office chairs with an affordable price tag. We realise that not everyone can break the bank, especially when working from home and needing a chair for convenience. That’s why we have over 270 budget office chairs to choose from. 

    Here are some benefits of a good but cheap office chair: 

    • The appearance and functionality of an expensive chair at a fraction of the cost
    • Full body support 
    • Encourages efficiency due to comfort
    • Reduction in stress due to movability 

    Just because our office chairs are on the cheaper side doesn’t mean that they hinder on quality. Our chairs are high-end, attractive and comfortable. Test one out for yourself and see how they compare to an office chair with a higher price tag. 


    Mesh Office Chairs 

    Typically designed to provide better ventilation and prevent overheating, our mesh office chairs are perfect if you find yourself working in a stuffy or humid room. 

    If your environment tends to get toasty then you might find yourself getting irritated, tired, or sweaty. Having a mesh office chair offers great support due to being ergonomically designed and having a mesh backrest and seat which allows air to circulate and keep the user cool. 

    Mesh chairs do not stain as easily as other office chairs, and they are extremely durable due to their strong fabric which moulds itself to your body shape. Therefore, they require less maintenance and will last longer than a typical office chair. 

    Leather Office Chairs 

    If you’re after something with a bit more of a luxurious feel, then you might be interested in our leather office chairs. Providing maximum comfort, this style of seat also exudes class and sophistication. 

    Providing you with real or faux leather materials, we have over 150 style options in a range of neutral and vibrant colours to match the vibe of your office. All of our leather office chairs are made to be durable for any situation whilst also being incredibly comfortable on your back.  

    Leather is a material that becomes suppler with time and conforms to your body shape. In fact, leather often lasts three times longer than other textiles, so it is worthwhile to invest extra money into an office chair that you won’t have to replace in a few years. 


    Ergonomic Office Chairs 

    When choosing an office chair, your comfort and safety should always be a priority. That’s why we have an array of ergonomic office chairs that are comforting and complement your body shape, ensuring that you are fully supported whilst sitting down. 

    Most ergonomic chairs are adjustable in many ways, including seat height, backrest height, armrest height, and lumbar support. If you suffer from back pain or other health issues, then an ergonomic office chair is perfect for you. 

    We provide chairs with back height and rack adjustment, seat height and slide adjustment, as well as full recline among other great features. We are aware that sitting down all day can have many health disadvantages, so we encourage you to choose a chair that can improve this. 

    Orthopaedic Office Chairs 

    Similar to our ergonomic office chairs, an orthopaedic office chair offers spinal support and has been proven to prevent muscle strain due to poor positioning and sitting down all day. 

    Our orthopaedic office chairs can be individually adjusted to provide optimal comfort levels. Key features include height-adjustable armrests and headrests, contoured seat and back panels, ergonomic seat slides, weight tension adjustment levers, and reclining mechanisms. 

    You can easily browse and find an orthopaedic chair that suits you - we have a great variety of leather, mesh, and fabric chairs that have been specifically designed to improve posture, enhance employee comfort, and increase productivity in the workplace. 


    Fabric Office Chairs 

    If you want style as well as comfort, then our range of fabric office chairs has got you covered. Soft and comfortable on the skin, we use soft and harmless fabrics to ensure a calm and composed posture. 

    During long work hours, their fabric allows for air circulation which helps to prevent discomfort caused by sweating or sticking to the chair. Many fabric chairs also come with stain-resistant treatments which make them easier to maintain and clean, ensuring a much longer life span. 


    Office Operator Chairs 

    One of the most popular choices for offices, an operator chair is affordable, stylish, and has a range of features that will help physical and mental well-being. These types of office chairs are great value for money and provide excellent comfort and quality. 

    If you sit down for the majority of the day, this is the perfect office chair for you. Many operator chairs are suitable for 24-hour use, meaning that their durability is exceptional. An operator chair promotes a good posture and seating position, perfect for long working hours or sitting at your office desk all day. 


    Wood Office Chairs 

    Last but not least, we have a good selection of wood office chairs. If you’re after something a bit smaller and likely to fit into a home office, we couldn’t recommend a wooden office chair enough. 

    Typically made from a wooden frame, these chairs come in a lot of styles and finishes, perfect for any decor. A wooden office chair can look incredibly sleek and they are ideal for storing away easily. Sometimes less is more, and these chairs are still incredibly comfortable without the bulk and additions of our other office chairs. 

    We highly recommend an office chair with adaptable mechanisms if you are sitting down for long periods of time. 


    Find Your Perfect Office Chair With Order Office Furniture

    Now that you’ve got a better understanding of the types of office chairs we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have over 30 years of experience in office furniture and aim to make the purchase of furniture as simple as possible. 


    Our expert team can help you to design your perfect home office. You can also see our full range of office furniture in person by making an appointment at our showroom in Huddersfield. 

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