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Standing Vs Sitting: Is Standing Better Than Sitting?

is standing better than sitting

Jack Stewart |

Sitting down or standing up? Knowing which is better for us has been a debate for a number of years. 

If you’ve been left wondering if you should sit or stand at work, you aren’t alone. Many of us have been led to believe that standing up is much better for us than sitting down, however, how true actually is this? 

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If it’s standing desks that you are interested in, then keep reading to find out the pros and cons of standing and sitting, and to decide what is best for you ultimately. Let’s find out, is standing better than sitting? 


Standing Up 

You might have seen an increase over the last few years in people using standing desks. Compared to sitting down, standing up can make employees feel more productive due to being on their feet, which ultimately gets more work done. 

In fact, a study by the University College of London found that people who used standing desks made employees feel happier and sharpened work-related traits like decision-making and problem-solving.  

Technically you burn more calories by standing, but it’s not as many as you may think. When you stand, you burn anywhere from 70 to 95 calories an hour, compared to sitting down which burns around 65 to 85 calories an hour. Even though the difference is small, it does add up over time. 

However, standing up for too long can actually have negative health impacts. It can cause discomfort, create swelling in the feet and foot pain, and cause vascular issues. One study even found that using a standing desk for up to 2 hours can cause fatigue and muscle aches. 

Although standing up is much better than sitting down, make sure you are using this time wisely by moving around and taking regular brakes. Being more active is the thing that benefits us most, not just the act of standing up. 

How many hours should you stand a day? 

Experts have found that you should try to stand for at least 2 hours per day, but up to 4 hours could be optimal. Although this might seem impossible with an office job, things such as sit-standing desks can encourage more movement into your daily routine. 

Is a standing desk worth it? 

Using a standing desk can help to relieve muscular pain like neck and back pain, reduce spikes in blood sugar, and improve blood circulation. It can also improve healthy habits like taking breaks for movement when you’ve been sitting down for too long. 

Investing in a sit-stand desk is probably the best thing to do. Compared to a normal desk, you can find the right balance between standing and and sitting throughout the day, and having standing breaks is a lot better than just sitting. 

If a standing desk is not an option for you, then it is recommended to get upp every 30 minutes or so to move and stretch. Taking small chunks out of your day to complete these movements will benefit your health over time. 

Sitting Down 

Whilst sitting down can temporarily feel more comfortable, prolonged sitting can actually lead to a lot of health issues. According to the NHS, studies have linked excessive sitting with medical conditions such as obesity, some types of cancer, and early death. 

In fact, here are a handful of problems that prolonged sitting can lead to: 

  • It is more likely to lead to obesity
  • It can increase the chance of heart attacks
  • It is linked to mental health problems
  • It is likely to cause neck and back troubles
  • It can lead to muscle degeneration 
  • It is more likely to to lead to kidney disease 

  • If you have an office job then it is probably common routine for you to be sat in front of your computer for up to 8 hours a day, which adds up to 40 hours a week. Sitting down for such long periods of time can really impact your health in a negative way. 

    Sitting down can also have negative impacts on your posture, causing significant stress on spinal structures and your shoulders and hips. When sitting at your desk, you are probably often slouched, hunched over, or craning your neck. 

    Being aware of sitting down too much is the starting point. Things such as sit-standing desks, or taking regular breaks from sitting at your desk, are vital in reducing these health risks significantly. 

    Is Standing Better Than Sitting? 

    Ultimately, yes, standing at work is better than sitting down, but you need to monitor how much you stand throughout the day and strike a balance between the two. 

    The opposite of prolonged sitting isn’t standing, it’s moving. Spending several hours in the same position, whether seated or standing, isn’t ideal. 

    Standing up is encouraged more than sitting down. However, standing up and sitting down can both impact your health negatively. 

    As discussed above, sitting down for long periods of time has been proven to increase the risks of obesity and diabetes. Standing up can also harm your health by causing vascular issues

    Essentially, a mix of both standing up and sitting down is ideal to achieve a productive and comfortable work environment. 

    If you do want to invest in a standing desk, we have a variety of electric office desks which can change height at the simple push of a button. 

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