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Pros And Cons Of Sit-Standing Desks: Should You Buy One?

Benefits of standing desk

Jack Stewart |

If you have a job that requires sitting down all day, you might want to invest in a sit-standing desk. Ever heard of the saying ‘sitting is the new smoking’? In the modern age of working, more and more employees are working office jobs that require long lengths of sitting, which can be harmful for your physical health. 

A sit-standing desk is an adjustable workstation that can be modified at will to accommodate both sitting and standing, ensuring that you have breaks from sitting down all day. 

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However, if it is a sit-standing desk that you are after, then you are in the right place. You might have heard of one or perhaps want to know if they are worth the investment. In this blog we will look at the pros and cons, including the benefits of standing desks. 

Sit-Standing Desks: Pros and Cons 


Let’s start with the pros. You might already be aware that sitting down all day can have negative effects on your health. That’s why investing in a sit-standing desk is beneficial as you can swap between sitting down and standing up. 

Let’s have a look at some benefits of standing desks in a bit more detail. 


Standing Desks Reduce Back Pain 

Back pain is one of the most common complaints of office workers who sit down all day. Therefore, having a sit-standing desk can reduce the levels of this. 

According to a 2018 study, participants who used a sit-stand desk reported up to a 32% improvement in lower back pain after several weeks of using a standing desk. Another study by the CDC found that the use of sit-standing desks reduced upper back and neck pain by 54% after just 4 weeks. 

Investing in a sit-standing desk can be extremely beneficial for your physical health. 


Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity 

Even if you are inactive, increasing the time you spend standing every day may futher lower your odds of becoming obese, a study from the American Cancer Society shows. 

In fact, multiple studies have shown that people typically burn more calories standing up than sitting down. Even if someone exercises most days, they still could face health risks if they sit down too much. 

If you stand more, you may lower your risk for conditions like: 

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease 
  • Cancer 
  • Death at a younger age

    Standing Desks Encourages Movement 

    The act of switching between sitting and standing is movement in itself, and this is something that a sit-standing desk encourages. Once you are standing, you are immediately becoming more active. 

    Standing up can avoid issues such as stiff, tense muscles, things that result from sitting for long periods of time. Employees who are sat down all day can become lethargic and tired. This lack of energy can make people become less motivated, leading to less productivity and more stress. 

    Therefore, standing up, or at least standing for shorter periods of time, can encourage better mood and more productive workflow. 


    Sit-standing desks aren’t perfect, and they can actually cause a few problems. Standing desks are often regarded as a healthier option to sitting all day, but they are not healthier for everyone. 


    Standing Doesn’t Replace Exercise 

    Although better than nothing, standing up only burns a few more calories than sitting down.  It is generally recommended to stand at your desk for 25% of the day, split into 15 minutes out of every hour.

    Even though standing up is much better for you than sitting down for long periods of time, it isn’t always the comfiest, especially if you need to be glued to your computer screen. 

    If you’re wanting to incorporate exercise into your everyday work schedule, try investing in a treadmill desk instead. 


    Standing Desks Can Cause Vein Problems 

    Being on your feet for too long could actually collect blood in your leg veins. Veins may stretch to fit this extra blood and get weaker, which ultimately can lead to varicose veins

    When standing, the muscles in your leg stay static and are not contracting, which is a way to pump blood to the heart. Standing up alone will not necessarily cause vein disease, but if other risk factors are present or you already have vein disease, it can worsen with long durations of standing. 

    The best way to prevent vein problems is by moving around or exercising throughout the day. Therefore, a still-standing desk might not be as beneficial as it seems. 


    Standing Desks Can Be Expensive 

    In most cases, a standing desk can be more expensive than a regular desk. If you want to enhance the ergonomic benefits of sit-standing desks, then you may also need to purchase additional accessories such as ergonomic chairs or monitor arms. 

    These accessories can add on extra expenses onto an already expensive desk. If you’re looking to update your office on a budget, then sit-standing desks probably aren’t the piece of furniture for you. 

    However, If you are looking for other desk options then don’t hesitate to shop our range of modern office desks.  

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