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7 Best Executive Desks for Home Office

Bankim Chandra |

Are you looking for an executive office desk for your home office? Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

We’ll be going over 7 desks, let’s get into the first one.

Luxury White Executive Office Desk (Most Popular)

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One of our most popular choices, this satin white desk with gold accents and leaf gilding will add a bit of elegance to any home office. Each side is lined with three easy-pull drawers which provide a modern organisation system for the user while maintaining a traditional Victorian look. The top centre includes one drawer for additional storage or for a keyboard.

The cut-out wooden designs and aesthetic lines of this desk are truly classic and beautiful. Not included but available for purchase is a matching side table to complete a full look for a room. We highly recommend this unique focal piece to elevate your office with a traditional luxury style and curate a space for efficient and comfortable work.

Walnut and White MFC (Most Affordable)

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Efficiency and affordability come together in this modern walnut and white desk.  A sleek front black leather panel, embossed with a diamond design, elevates a simple piece to business professionals.  The furniture features three right-side drawers which allow for easy, quick storage, perfect for any home office.

The top-side cable management keeps electronic wires protected, hidden, and organised making this an optimal workspace for using laptops and accessories. There is plenty of legroom, making this a comfortable option and allowing space for a larger swivel chair if desired. This desk has a flexible style and practicality, ideal for creating a multi-functional home office. We recommend this desk for the modern professional who appreciates a clean, simple look and functional design.

2000mm Executive Office Desk (L Shaped)

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The dark gloss finish and front vertical panels make this piece an impressive addition to any executive’s home office. This glossy black furniture with vertical wood panelling will prepare the user for serious work. We highly recommend an L-Shape desk to either maximise the corner space of smaller offices or help to break up the centre of a larger room.

The top writing pad is flexible for either classic paperwork or modern day tech tools.  In addition, there is a slide-out keyboard stand for users looking for an ergonomic set-up. The design of each drawer features two cut-outs for easy pull and a modern flair. It also includes a drawer with a lock and key to keep any confidential material or valuables secure and within reach. With contemporary engineering and sleek silver accents, this desk embodies cutting-edge business for high-profile professionals.

Prospera T1381-2.2 Gloss White

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We recommend this white rounded top desk featuring a dark wood centre for those within their industry that want to demonstrate a futuristic feel, even within their home office. The dark leather top gives this desk a unique look which sets the room apart from others. The rounded front makes this piece best for a front-facing, centre of the room impression. In addition, the concave curvature provides a more natural and comfortable workspace for the user.

This product includes two rolling drawer pieces, allowing you to customise your storage space.  The under-the-desk rolling cabinet also includes a lock option to secure valuables. Optimal storage space will allow you to maintain an organisation system that benefits and improves your workflow. 

The cable management feature gives this desk a stylish functionality for all tech appliances. With an artistic design and maximum storage options, this desk is an ideal choice for optimising workflow.

Large Executive Desk With Leather Detail


For the executive that appreciates the combination of luxury and business, we present this high-gloss, dark wood and leather features desk. This large and rounded desk is the ideal focal piece for a high-profile home office. The rounded L-shape of this desk is best for breaking up a larger room and creating a more intimate space for potential home office meetings.

An elegant addition to any space, it maintains all the functionality needed for professional work, including cable management, lock-secured drawers, and optimal storage. The desk features three drawers with a lock option for securing important materials. It also includes a side cabinet, allowing the user to create an optimal storage and organisational system.

One of our largest desks that we offer, this allows the user ample physical space to spread out and work effectively. We recommend this beautiful piece for heavy-duty professional work.

High Gloss


This aesthetically pleasing and unique desk is the ideal find for creating a home office atmosphere that is inviting and professional. The high-gloss slatted walnut in the front is softened by a rounded white outline, allowing this piece to work in a variety of home office environments. The top centre features a beautiful leather cover.

Users can select either cream leather for a bright and clean look, or brown leather for a more classic, warm feel. Key functionality is maintained with six lockable drawers plus a pull-out shelf designed for keyboard and mouse. The top-side cable management keeps all computer wires tidy and out-of-sight allowing this desk to maintain its stylish, simplistic look.

With ample legroom, this desk can accommodate a larger swivel chair for maximum comfort and workflow. We recommend this piece for any professional seeking optimal efficiency while also creating a warm and individual feel for their home office.

2 Tone Yew Finish HSN-1862

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High-quality wood with contrasting finishes gives this focal piece a luxurious and professional feel. Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, each side holds mobile drawers allowing for maximum storage space, ease of utility, and a sleek look. The top right drawer also includes a lock, keeping confidential materials secure and easily accessible.

The three surface cable management features keep any computer cables or wires organised, protected, and subtlety tucked away. A centred writing pad gives you the option for working old school but is also perfect for laptops and stands.   Plus, the slide-out keyboard stand makes this desk compatible with ergonomic set-ups.

Available in three different widths, you can select which size works best for your individual space. The front column design and two-tone wood design exhibit a regal style.  This desk is best for creating a warm, bright, and professional office space while allowing maximum functionality for the user. 

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