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10 Best Luxury Executive Office Chairs

Bankim Chandra |

Office workers spend an average of six hours sitting at their desks each day. That’s a long time for anyone to spend sitting in discomfort.

Investing in an excellent Luxury executive chair helps offset this discomfort to provide a better working experience. By buying an executive luxury chair, you boost your productivity, you protect your back's health, and you even improve your office's aesthetic.

To help you make a purchase, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top Luxury executive chairs on the market. So, let's dive into them.

Traditional Chairman Burgundy (Top Pick)

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  • Beautiful tan leather upholstery.
  • Expansive winged design
  • Tension control system and tilt-lock knob for reclining.
  • Frictionless swivels and castors for smooth movement.

The Traditional Chairman Burgundy Chair is old-school power and luxury personified. This large office chair provides all the comfort fit for a king while doubling as a powerful statement piece behind any desk.

One of the striking features of the Chairman Burgundy chair is its sheer size. It has a large 58 x 47cm seat with a 0.63m high padded, chesterfield back.

Additionally, it has a winged design with padded armrests to rest the arms while working or simply lounging. Topping off all this is a beautiful tan leather upholstery that emphasises the chair’s royal credentials.

Despite its traditional design, the Chairman Burgundy still manages to sneak in some modern features for better comfort. These include a tension control adjustment knob and a tilt control level for controlling the reclining chair.

Additionally, the chair also comes with a seat adjustment lever that can modify the chair's height between 50 and 60cm.

Finally, this behemoth utilises a four-wheeled castor connected with a frictionless swivel for mobility. Using this, turning and moving the chair is a breeze despite its size.

2. Medium Back Bespoke Tan (#2)

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  • Elegant wooden frame.
  • Solid wood armrests.
  • Padded ergonomic backrest.

The Bespoke tan executive chair is a tasteful leather executive chair that sits right in the sweet spot between luxury and functionality. Its elegant, spare frame balances the warm wood and leather design to create a beautiful, minimalist chair.

With its 62 x 64 x 103cm measurements, the Bespoke leather chair is one of the best options for offices with limited room. Also, its 48 x 48 x 49cm leather seat can fit just under any modern desk without any issues whatsoever.

Furthermore, thanks to the set height adjustment lever installed, you can even lower the seat down to a height of 41cm.

Complementing the leather seat is a beautifully designed medium-sized leather back. The backrest has a beautiful diamond pattern that increases the chair's elegance.

This elegance also extends to the armrests. Foregoing the usual padded design, these armrests made out of solid yew wood are equally stunning.

They manage to retain the graceful, flowing shape of the chair without seeming out of place. All this is balanced on a frictionless swivel with four castors for movement.

3. Genuine Brown Leather Office Chair

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  • Padded leather headrest and backrest.
  • Waterfall edge seats for additional comfort
  • Tilt-lock system and seat adjustment lever

With its smooth, curved lines and graceful design, the Brown leather office chair is a smart addition to any workspace. It satisfies all the style, comfort, and functionality requirements for executive chairs.

One of the standout features of the Brown leather office chair is its high back. The high back features a slightly padded headrest for proper head and neck support.

This headrest flows gracefully into the rest of the back, which has a chesterfield button design. In addition, the back also has a slight tilt at its lower position to better accommodate the spine.

This same design touch extends both to the seat and the armrests. Both of them feature a curved “waterfall edge" design that ties all the chair's features together to create a pleasing aesthetic.

The armrests are also made from solid yew wood polished to a very high shine. Consequently, you know they will last long with minimal wear and tear.

The Brown office chair also implements an extremely safe reclining system. It has a tilt lock system that locks the chair at a certain height to keep the user from falling off.

For mobility, it's mounted on a star-shaped frame with five castors. Interestingly, the castor base is made of the same material as the armrest to create a harmonious design.

4. Bespoke Silver Grey Chenille

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  • Exquisite, ornate design.
  • Premium chenille fabric upholstery.
  • Gold patterns and accessories on the frame.

The Bespoke Silver Grey Chenille office chair sets itself apart from other office chairs with its intricate, ornate design. It uses non-traditional wood and fabrics to create a pretty and unique executive chair.

With its Bergere-like open design, the Bespoke Silver-grey chair represents more of a statement piece than an executive chair at first glance. However, it offers both style and comfort in equal measure.

The 0.58 x 0.56 m seat is flanked by two open armrests made of solid hand-carved white wood. Both of these armrests have padding at their midsection for optimal comfort.

Going up, we have a high padded backrest framed by the same beautiful white wood used in the armrest’s construction. The backrest has a beautiful Chesterfield pattern crowned by stunning gold designs and accents on the white frame.

Out of all these, the most important thing that gives the chair its signature look is its upholstery. The seat and the backrest are all covered with a beautiful grey patterned chenille fabric.

This fabric gives the chair an exquisite, premium, and almost royal look, making it fit for any stylish executive.

5. Luxury Executive Office Chair - YS1505A

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  • High back design with comfortable waterfall edge seat
  • Padded lumbar support and armrests.
  • Frictionless swivels and castors for easy movement.

The Luxury executive chair is an ultra-comfortable office chair with several bold, unconventional design features. It breaks the mould of what a traditional luxury office chair should look like and it does it quite well.

The seat on the luxury office chair is just a padded bucket seat that you can easily sink into. At its 47 x 49 cm dimensions, it is undoubtedly suitable for a wide variety of body sizes.

The padding on the seat extends below the thighs to the knee areas, thanks to its waterfall edge design. It has more of the same on the closed armrests, with thick padding covering the entire armrest.

Additionally, even with its huge size, you can still recline comfortably in the chair thanks to its tilt control mechanism. Mobility is also a breeze, thanks to the four castors attached to the chair’s bottom.

Going up to the backrest, we see additional luxurious touches for optimal comfort. For starters, the over-padded headrest is sure to provide comfort for both the neck and the head.

The padding extends down the entire length of the back with an expansive Chesterfield design. The Luxury executive chair also integrates Ergonomic lumbar support at the chair's bottom.

So, you can work comfortably in this chair knowing your back is well taken care of.

6. Soft Padded Executive Office Chair

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  • Beautiful black and gold design
  • Durable matte gold ABS frame.
  • Deep padded, waterfall-edge seats.

If you're looking for a simple yet rugged office Chair, the soft padded executive office chair is your best bet. Compared to some of its peers, what it lacks in style, it makes up for in durability and value.

One of the striking features of this chair is its matte gold ABS frame. Disregarding the traditional solid wood build used by other chairs, the Soft padded executive chair turns to the rigid and durable ABS for the frame.

This durable frame provides a stable foundation for the open padded seats and armrests. True to its name, the seat and armrests are covered in black leather filled with soft padding. So, using the chair is always a comfortable experience.

Although the backrest is medium-sized with no headrest, the chair manages to deliver on comfort with the extra padding it provides.

You can also modify the Soft padded executive office chair to suit the needs of individual users. For example, you can change the seat's height within a range of 49cm to 57cm. Furthermore, the tilt control mechanism also makes reclining and lounging on the chair a breeze.

7. Chesterfield style wood frame Office Chair

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  • Bold, luxurious jet-black design
  • Padded headrests and armrests.
  • Ergonomic backrest with multiple layers of padding for additional comfort.
  • Spring coils in the seat for additional comfort.

One of the compelling features of the Chesterfield-style chair is its sheer size. Its 69 x 69 x 104 cm volume coupled with its jet-black leather upholstery provides a powerful image behind any desk.

When it comes to comfort, the Chesterfield chair excels. While most chairs stop at padded seats, the Chesterfield integrates a sprung coil in the seat to provide better support to the thighs and lower back.

You can also see this padding on the armrests, which are left open by design for better ventilation. Going to the backrest, we can see an Ergonomic design specially built to support the spine. It starts with a padded headrest for the neck and spine.

This headrest is flanked below by the padded backrest, displaying the signature Chesterfield pattern. This backrest also integrates multiple layers of padding to provide the best support to the spine.

8. High Back Tan Leather Executive Office Chair

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  • High-quality tan leather upholstery.
  • High padded backrest
  • Stainless-steel frame and base
  • Deep, comfortable padded seat and headrest.

The chair’s aesthetic exudes premium luxury thanks to the material combination used in its construction. The stainless-steel frame and the tan leather upholstery combine to produce this beautiful effect.

Measuring 52 x 52cm, the seat on the High back leather chair is quite spacious. Furthermore, it is flanked on either side by open, padded armrests, which gives the user maximum comfort when working at the desk or away from it.

The high back leather chair's main attraction is its large backrest for all the chair's features. Despite its size, the back’s tasteful design contributes to the chair’s elegance and user comfort to a large extent.

For starters, it has a large padded headrest for neck support. We can see a beautiful hatched design on the rest of the tan leather backrest, padded for additional comfort.

The High back chair also includes options for modifying the chair's height and reclining angle depending on what you require.

9. Traditional Blue Leather Office Chair

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  • Beautiful blue leather material.
  • Highly detailed, hand-carved wooden frame.
  • Gold patterns on the wooden frame.
  • Chesterfield-style backrest and armrest.

There are luxury chairs and there are Luxury chairs fit for royalty. The traditional blue leather office chair perfectly encapsulates the latter. 

Made with meticulous attention to detail and the best materials, the blue leather chair is a premium executive chair.

Sitting on a solid wood base decorated with gold gilding, we have a simple seat. It is a medium-sized 46 x 50 cm seat with layers of padding to support the thighs and lower back.

We have ornate armrests with frames carved out of wood and decorated with gold on each side of the seat. Over these armrests, there is blue leather upholstery and padding just like the seats.

However, unlike the seats, the armrests have a Chesterfield pattern that extends down from the back.

The backrest is also a special part of the chair's design. It is a medium-sized back with the standard chesterfield pattern on its surface.

The top of the backrest has a wooden panel topped with premium goldcrest instead of the standard headrest.

Furthermore, the Blue leather chair is also adjustable. You can set your preferred seat height and even recline on it using the controls available.

10.  Traditional White Leather Chesterfield

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  • Stylish white leather upholstery.
  • Hand-carved polished Yew wood armrests.
  • Padded backrest with chesterfield pattern.

The White Leather Chesterfield's design is a perfect blend of simplicity and quiet sophistication. This chair combines two simple materials, white leather and wood to create a stunning effect.

Like most traditional chairs, the white leather chesterfield is quite large. However, Chesterfield's size creates more of a cosy, homey effect than an imposing one.

Using the tilt lock system, you can sink into its ultra-soft, padded 57 x 56 cm seat and recline in comfort. The chair also features a seat height adjustment lever for you to set it to any optimal height you prefer.

Another thing that pops out immediately in this chair is the wooden parts. Made from solid yew wood, both the armrests and the castors are polished to a high shine and contrast beautifully with the white leather.

You also have the trademark chesterfield pattern running down the white leather on the backrest, giving the chair an additional air of refinement.